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How We Buy

We Want To Buy Your House!

We buy houses in many ways, which strategy we use depends on your particular situation and what is most beneficial for both you and us:

  1. We Pay Cash - but please understand this ties up our capital so the only way we can pay cash for your home is if you are willing to sell it at a substantial discount.
  2. We Set Terms - this can be done in several ways. Which method we use depends on your particular situation.
    • Seller Carry - we can pay you monthly and you'll hold the note (mortgage).
    • We can take over your payments
    • We can lease-option it from you
    • There are other options - we can be creative!
  3. We can save you from foreclosure using any of the above strategies, or we can short sale your house as a buyer (not a real estate agent). We are certified Short Sale Specialists!
  4. We can sometimes provide additional financing as needed.
Please call us at the above number for the possibilities on your home.

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